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We have a lot of speciality products in our stores. We have some wonderful products to help nourish you during or after your outdoor activities. We have protein bars, trail mix, whey protein products, low sugar bars and high protein snacks. Below are some of our more popular products from our ranges.

udos choice

Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil includes high quality certified organic, unrefined oils and other vital ingredients. Each was chosen for its specific health-promoting properties. Udo Erasmus discovered how vitally important it is to consume Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in their naturally-occurring undamaged form. Udo’s Oil delivers the perfectly balanced 2:1:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 and omega 9 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and is 100% natural and fresh.

agave light syrup

Agave light syrup from Biona Organic ia a sweet and mild, low GI sweetener squeezed from mexican agave plants.

bakes natures gold

The tracle, apricot and walnut granola is a scrumptios granola mix of plump apricots, crunchy walnuts, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and pure oats, drizzled with treacle and honey.


Rich in flavor and nutrition – that’s SPIRU-TEIN! One of life’s true pleasures is enjoying a delicious treat you know is good for you in every way. With zero fat, SPIRU-TEIN delivers a healthy infusion of plant-based protein, along with other essential nutrients. SPIRU-TEIN Energy Shakes now feature our pioneering, patent-pending Tri-Part Protein Blend of non-GMO rice protein, pea protein, and both non-fermented and fermented soy. With 14 grams of protein, each serving of SPIRU-TEIN is a high-protein energy meal.

natures gold olive oil

Our Own Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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